MOOD HOTELS fits into a context of passion and pure design with the aim of giving a new hotel industry Vision through the innovative hospitality of its facilities, the versatility of its spaces dedicated to events and the quality of the services offered.
Vision, this is summarized by its logo, which tends to centralize of the symbol "Infinity", to express a Unending Design Concept, rather than linear and signifies in constant evolution to create a hotel industry, a cultural phenomenon and not a simple operation drawing its unique strength from the financial investment.

MOOD HOTELS interprets simply a new way of hosting, by researching the purest experience, where architecture research and aesthetics merge together with professionalism and competence in favour of an approach which looks to contemporary Cosmopolitan and continuous feedback between its structures and its customers as its founding point: a report of bi-directional exchange which exceeds the norm and most ordinary concept of "providing a service".

MOOD HOTELS, not just a place to stay, but a "continuity" ideal travel experience blending together the whole visit, becoming part of the memories and the whole experience in the future.
Sublimated into a sort of osmosis, where the host is identified and perceived for its values of passion, its soul and personality, bringing out the desire to break away from the common setting of a hotel guest, who consider those who enter and pass through as simply a "customer."
Not a point of arrival but a starting point, this is the route that Mood Hotels is following and wishes to travel along, with a keen and engaging eye, we ask our guests to be accompanied and directed.

#TakeNew Chances

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