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Concept & Design

With this hotel, our aim was to create a boutique hotel which combines the particular historical characteristics of the Eternal City, its secular and layered urban fabric with a contemporary style, excellent service and a unique and distinctive mood. Its fundamental attributes are innovative, sophisticated, authentic style; spot-on, personalized empathetic service; lasting comfort with complete functionality, all at a tremendous value.

We taken the best from the luxury set, the best from the boutique/lifestyle set and the best from select service and created a new breed of hotel where everything has been rethought and every original idea updated. The public areas welcome guests into a dimension in which comfort, atmosphere, design and service compete to create a look and feel which reaches its zenith with the satisfaction of the customer.

Nothing is left to chance: from the décor, to the courtesy and consideration of the staff.

The attention to detail in each room and in the public areas ensure tranquility and exclusivity, juxtaposing the soft and relaxed rhythm of the hotel with the dynamic tourist centre outside. The standard is exquisitely international but the “Made in Italy” excellence that the cosmopolitan tourist seeks when booking an Italian hotel is always discernible. Modern, stylish and, at the same time, traditional, this hotel offers a new dimension in which the guest always takes centre-stage.

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