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We actively commit to make a positive and sustainable impact. We recognize our responsibility towards the planet and that is why in all our hotels we are attentive to environmental protection and energy saving. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact thanks to the choice of targeted suppliers, products, raw materials and eco-sustainable services. These are the environmental practices we put in place:

  • To combat food waste, measures are in place to educate, prevent, reduce, recycle and dispose of food
  • All our facilities use only toilets and water-saving showers
  • Magnetic card or electrical system with motion sensors are used to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • At least 80% of lights use energy-saving LED bulbs
  • To overcome the resistance to plastic, the water bottles inside the minibars have been replaced by the can version
  • During breakfast, single-use plastic yogurts were replaced with disposable yogurt made of recyclable paper;
  • If guests wish, we reduce the washing of bed linen and towels to reduce the waste of water and energy;
  • Promotion of local cultural activities through dedicated and personalized packages
  • The use of biodegradable detergents and the collection of waste

MOOD Hotels is concerned with safeguarding the environment by integrating the best principles and sustainable practices within its facilities. By joining our Eco-Moodly sustainability program, every guest staying at a MOOD Hotels property can make a "green choice." We believe in a green tourism, which combines the best services of hotel hospitality signed MOOD Hotels with a low environmental impact.